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Hello Animal lovers!
The idea behind these videos is to create a community of animal lovers who want to interact with each other and share their love for animals.

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We love it when people interact on this channel.
Here are some things you can talk about:
What is your dog’s name?
Which is your favorite picture on this video?
Use 3 words to describe your dog?
What is your dog’s favorite thing to eat?
What is something your dog loves?
Any good dog products you love?

Dogs make us laugh and be happy
Dogs are awesome
Dogs are funny
Dogs love to play
Dogs love to sleep
Dogs get along with other animals
especially cats.
Dogs make funny sounds
Dogs love to go for walks
Dogs love to play fetch
Who doesn’t like dogs and puppies?
Dogs LOVE us and we LOVE Dogs!!!

Are you interested in having your pet be famous? We love it when people send us their animal videos and/or pictures. We will try to get all pets in our video clips. Send us an email: animalvideos@lessonpros.com.

When making these compilation videos, our intent is NOT to steal anyone pictures and/or videos, but just to share our ability to put into a creative form that is fun to watch. If any owner of a clip/picture has a copyright issue please email us or send a personal message with title COPYRIGHT MATTER and we will definitely address the issue by removing the clip, adding a credit to the description or come to some kind of agreement. Thanks in advance for trying to address it with us first.

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