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In this Youtube video you can watch Ally, the Goldendoodle. The cute dog is doing a “set run”, set 49, containing 10 stuffed, funny animals. This Goldendoodle girl is one of many cute dogs, but she has also some potential for recognition of human words. Every animal is named, and I call out their names for her to fetch respective toy. You can see Ally looking back several times, most of them already on her path to the target. I try to give her a straight face and no signs. Signs can occasionally be used during training, but to use signs during a video shot is quite a cheapo. As you know, even for cute dogs, rules must apply, and no less for their masters. Looking back must be regarded as a minus for the run. No funny tricks or shortcuts may be allowed for a acceptable run video, which includes video editing, hidden noises, odors or gestures.

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