Doggy Doody Fake Dog Poop Handcrafted Soap – Chocolate


Fake dog poop so realistic you’ll think it IS Doggy Doody! This completely usable gag gift is made of pure handcrafted glycerin soap and scented in Chocolate. A unique novelty soap sure to provide some excitement, this handmade soap is shockingly disgusting, but absolutely funny! Soap Doody measures approx 3″ x 3.5, weighs 3.5 oz and comes packaged in a paper bag with clear window so the soap doody can be clearly seen. Brightly-colored label includes all necessary information such as ingredients and scent name. Sure to add some winning humor to someone’s life!Realistic looking novelty SOAP shaped like dog poop!
100% usable as regular soap!
Funny gag gift!
Chocolate scented
Great packaging!

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