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Funniest dog loves Trump or Hillary Clinton for presidential election. Who will a dog vote for? US voters have chosen president Trump, but who might dogs vote for? With puns and jokes, comedian Akita delivers a hilarious English lesson for English learners, but comedy lovers and pet lovers, no matter Republican or Democrat, will love this humor, as pitbull chihuahua Gui performs his antics.

“We all know Trump is our president, but have you ever wondered who a dog might vote for?
Who will my dog vote for? Hillary or Trump?
First of all, taxes. Hillary will help the working class, while trump will make the working class pay more taxes. Who will you choose Gui? Trump or Hillary? Looks like Gui chose Trump. So Gui, why did you choose Trump? Trump is money and favors the wealthy. Gui has chosen Trump, because Trump cuts taxes for the rich, and since I’m rich, I can buy Gui lots of toys. What words can describe someone with money? Did you answer “rich and wealthy?” Very good. Next issue, character. People say Hillary can be mean, but Trump is even a bigger bully. Who will you choose Gui? Trump or Hillary? Trump or Hillary? Looks like Gui chose Trump. Why did you choose Trump again? Trump and I are the same. Gui has chosen bully Trump because Gui himself is half pit bull. Gui is also a bully. Next up is the unfortunate issue of sexual harassment. Many women have accused Trump of groping their private parts. So Gui who will you vote for? Trump or Hillary, Trump or Hillary? Which one, Trump or Hillary? Looks like Gui chose Trump again. Why choose vulgar Trump? You’ll see dude. [cat meows]. Hey Gui, quit grabbing that pussy! Hey Gui, quit grabbing that pussy! And finally, foreign policy. Hillary hates Russia, while Trump loves red Russia, red square, red army, red communists. Trump or Hillary, Trump or Hillary? Trump again? Why choose Russian loving Trump? I’m a lover not a hater. Well, it turns out Gui loves red too, like red meat. What color does my dog love? Red. Trump wins the dog vote. ” Make sure to watch my new videos every Monday!

English learners and ESL students can learn words and English language regarding funny dogs, the presidential election, taxes, character, sexual harassment, and Russia. By Akita Comedy Language Lessons (Asian American comedian, top Asian stand up comic – youtuber).

music: “The stars and stripes forever” by John Philip Sousa, performed by US Army band, a free use public domain song

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