Island Dogs Giant Sack Of Shit Fake Poop That Looks Real Gag Gifts For Men Funny Crap Dog Turd Pranks 8 Pc


This big sack of shit is the filled with 8 pieces of real looking turds and poo. Twice the turds as other sacks leaves more jokes and pranks to be played on your friends or share your dog poop toy and let them spread the hilarious gags. It all shits and giggles with this novelty gag gift . Kids will be hysterical it looks real. Men will love this authentic looking dog shit gag.DOG POOP PRANKS fake dog poop that looks real is 2 in long and 3 in around
8 PIECES OF REALISTIC LOOKING DOG or HUMAN PILES of CRAP is twice the amount as the other sacks of shit. Gets you more practical jokes with fake poop.
FAKE SHIT IN A BAG GUARANTEES A LAUGH AT ANY PARTY, perfect to give as white elephant, adult gag gifts for men. Skip the fart machine go with the fake dog poop pranks.
DRAWSTRING BAG keeps your pretend poop in one place.
PARTY FAVORS for all ages.

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