LIVE: BC wildfire kittens need a home!

Pele, Birch and Elliott need a home:

UPDATE 1/15/2018: Henrietta has joined Pansy and Sable in our feral recovery ward. We are waiting for test results, but she is exhibiting some of the same symptoms as Pansy (poor body condition, dehydration and constipation). Pansy had an ultrasound today and several tests are being run in hopes of figuring out what is causing her liver/gall bladder/kidney issues. Sable’s kidney disease is stable, and we won’t know for a few more weeks whether her upper airway disease has improved.

UPDATE 12/24: Pansy has joined Sable in our feral recovery ward. We are waiting on test results, but she has not been feeling well at the feeding station. She is unfortunately not one of our socialized ferals, and is quite fearful of humans, but she is not aggressive so we are confident we can treat her. So far, she is a bit underweight and has some very hard poop.

Sable came in during the spring of 2016, hugely pregnant with her last litter of kittens. She was very ferocious at that time, but has recently started letting us pet her at the feeding station. We brought her in when she started to seem “off” at the feeding station, and discovered she has Upper Airway Disease and Renal Disease. We are treating both, and will re-test on the 27th to see how she is responding to treatment.

In our other room, we have our final three feral kittens rescued from the BC wildfires. They are very bonded, and are looking for a home together!

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NAMES: We went with a #BCStrong / resilience theme:
Floofy black boy: Phoenix (who will rise from the ashes…)
Floofy tabby boy: Hale (strong, vigorous, resilient)
Tabby tuxie boy: Birch (Celtic symbol of new beginnings)
Torbie girl: Pele (the Goddess of Fire)

JULY 23: Socialization begins today! Our goal is to find these guys homes once they are spayed/neutered and ready for a pampered life with a human family. If you’re interested, adoption info is at:

JULY 22: We have just arrived from the airport with four feral kittens approximately 4 months old, who have been evacuated from the #BCWildfire zone. The two tabbies and the panther are boys, and the torbie is a girl.

These kittens (and countless more) are safe thanks to the tireless efforts of Pet Safe Coalition Society of Canada, whose mission is to assist animals during large scale emergencies like we’re seeing with these wildfires. They have been working round the clock to get animals out of harms way and reunited with their families. The four we have just collected don’t have families, so we are taking them to help free up space in the evacuation zone.

We are so grateful for our amazing firefighters, RCMP, NPOs, volunteers, and the thousands of kind strangers who are coming together across the province to make sure humans AND animals have shelter, food, medical care and supplies during this difficult time.

For those who may be worried, we are not in any danger from the fires in our location.


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