marshmallow roasting sticks – smores sticks, Safe For Kids – Extra Long Stainless Steel 45’’ Fork Skewers – For BBQ, Smores, Hotdogs, Bonfires, Camping & Outdoors – Kit Includes Bamboo Sticks & Carryi


You Love The Idea Of Roasting Marshmallows Or Hotdogs With Your Family?

 However, You Are Missing Something. For sure, it’s not your good mood that you’re missing.

There would be a big problem if you had to deal with that. Well, you need something practical.

Something useful so as to turn your BBQ into a memorable experience and not a tiring procedure.

And there’s where our company comes in; it’s going to provide you with the most essential tool in order to make your bonfires or campfires unforgettable.

 Have you ever heard about roasting marshmallow sticks? Those long, fork-like tools? Well, they’re going to make your day a breeze!

 Thanks to their telescopic design, those extendable skewers are the safest tool you can use each time your children are around. Let them roast their own marshmallows without a single care in this world!

 Is Premium Quality What You Really Want?

 If your answer is yes, then you have it. Because you deserve nothing less that stainless steel smore sticks that are never going to let you down. Forget about rusty sticks that interfere with your food’s quality. It’s the end of that era.

 Hold those sticks without facing any side effects- thanks to the rubber materials placed on the tips of the fork and its handles, you have nothing to worry about.

 Because Your Loving Ones Deserve All Of Your Interest & Affection. And a great gift like that is definitely going to put a smile on their faces!

An all-inclusive set every BBQ enthusiast deserves- get the bamboo sticks 1 extra marshmallow stick and the carrying bag absolutely for free!

Roast Your Marshmallows Like A Pro.

Order Your Telescoping Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Today!

⭐THE HIGHEST QUALITY THAT YOU DESERVE: Roasting sticks or forks that get easily broken or rusty, is not really your thing, is it? Now you can enjoy your BBQ or campfire gatherings as our marshmallow roasting sticks are constructed by stainless steel, which means that they’re going to serve you for a lifetime. Please note that our fork head is constructed by 304 stainless steel, our pipe from 204 stainless steel and the handle is made by PVC with non-stick cover.
⭐BONFIRES WITH CHILDREN ARE ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA: OK, we know that children and bonfires are two words that seem contradictory on the first place, but let us elaborate on that. Thanks to the 45” telescopic design, you can extend your stick without any hassle, which means that children can roast their marshmallows while being at a safe distance. The stick’s rubber tips as well as the rubber handles will treat your hands like royalty and they’ll protect everyone from burning.
⭐A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR EXCURSIONS: We got it- you’re one of those people that love BBQ on the countryside, but having a trunk full of stuff is not really your thing. We have what you need- our compact 1 pound or 0.5 kg skewers are perfect for storing and carrying away, thanks to their lightweight and retractable design. Use them as forks each time a big BBQ comes about and clean them by using just some water and soap afterwards-simple as that!
⭐VALUE FOR MONEY: We love our clients and rewarding them each time they choose our services is something we love doing. That’s why you get an offer of 5+1 marshmallow sticks, 10 bamboo sticks and 1 canvas, carrying pouch- what else do you need? Now you don’t need to worry about the next time a bonfire event will be organized, as long as you’ll have your all-inclusive pack that contains everything you need.
⭐WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION: We want our clients to be happy, so just in case you feel disappointed with your purchase, we guarantee to give your money back instantly, without any hassle. Providing the highest quality to all of you, is our main priority and our number-one goal.

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