Moody Pet Humunga Stache Mini Dog Toy for Small Dogs


Award-winning, high quality fetch toy that gives your dog a giant handlebar mustache when he brings the ball back in a game of fetch! It’s a ball and mustache all in one! Is your dog acting like a cartoon villain? A circus performer? A Mr. Snobbly Snoot? Well then, Humunga Stache™ is exactly what he needs — a ball (great exercise), a costume (funny), and a sneaky disguise (even funnier)…It’s a win-win-win! Made of solid, non-toxic, natural rubber. This is a size Mini which is ideal for Small Dogs 5-25 lbs).WORLD’S FUNNIEST DOG TOY! High-quality fetch toy that gives your dog a giant handlebar mustache! Made of durable, non-toxic, natural rubber.
IT’S A BALL AND A MUSTACHE ALL IN ONE! a must-have for every dog (and dog owner) with a good sense of humor!
PERFECT FOR PHOTO OPS, GIFT-GIVING, and cracking up the entire neighborhood.
AWARD-WINNING DOG TOY SERIES! Collect them all: Humunga Lips, Humunga Stache, Humunga Tongue, Humunga Chomp and Humunga Bling
This is a size Mini Ideal for Small Dogs 5 lbs – 25 lbs; This is a FETCH toy, not a chew toy.

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