Tease Your Sister Prank Kit – 10 Crazy Funny Gags and Jokes


Tease You Sister Prank Kit…. Don’t you just hate all the attention your sister gets and all she gets away with. Well, now is the time to give her some of your attention and have a load of fun to boot. That’s why we created the Tease Your Sister Prank Kit. Here is what you get: Fart Powder….. The perfect addition to add to her bedtime drink before she goes to sleep. OH WHAT!…. Rubber Mouse….Every girl “HATES” mice. Hide this in her room…. Creepy Cockroach… Another little something to hide in her room. Know what I’m saying?….. Rattlesnake Eggs…. Oh I’m Sorry… Did I scare you? Watch her jump when you show her this trick…. Caca (aka Poop)… Look what the dog did in your room! This stuff looks so real it will even fake your parents out…. Creepy Flies…. Sprinkle these on her homework or just around her room….. Cockroach Chewing Gum…. If your really feeling devilish, ask her if she wants a piece of gum. When she pulls the gum a cockroach jumps out. WHAT THE HECK!… Jumping Candy… You know what to do with this one…. Toilet Bug… Attach to the bottom of the toilet lid. Close it and wait for the screaming to begin. Bagel Surprise….Look what I made you for breakfast. Hide the cockroach inside the bagel, and place it on her plate. Then, watch the fun when she picks up the bagel. LOL!Loaded with all kinds of crazy stuff to scare your sister.
Ten Different Pranks and Jokes.
Bagel Surprise – Caca – Cockroach Chewing Gum
Creepy Cockroach – Creepy Flies – Fart Powder – Jumping Candy
Rattlesnake Eggs – Rubber Mouse – Toilet Bug

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